What are teams for?

This section allows you to combine into a team of employees performing one function and automatically distribute between them new tasks in accordance with a given algorithm. For example, this could be a call center team; there may be several people doing or assembling your sales pages according to the layout; it can be a team of one person (let it be the head of the department), to whom you designate the main tasks, and he will have to paint and implement them.

There are two ways to get to the section:
1. Click on the checkmark in the upper right corner, go to the “Employees” section and then select “Teams”.

2. From the profile management section. To do this, click on the profile name, go to the “Employees” tab and select “Teams”.

Section Features

On the main page of the section are located:

  1. Button “Create a team” – which allows you to proceed to create a new team.
  2. Button “Filter” – helps to find the team by name.
  3. Names of created teams – you can edit the created team by clicking on the name.
  4. Employees of the team – clicking on the avatar of an employee opens his profile.
  5. Processes that create tasks for each team (if any) – after clicking on the name of the process, you will proceed to edit it.

Adding a Team

Click on the “Add team” button on the main page of the section. Set up the command:

  1. Enter a name for the team.
  2. Add employees.
  3. Choose the number of tasks that will be assigned to each employee for each distribution circle. By default, tasks are assigned one at a time to each employee. But you can choose an employee or employees who will be assigned a larger number of tasks.
    For example, if you have one full-time employee and two half-day employees on this task, the distribution will be as follows: 2 tasks per circle – to the first employee, and 1 task for the second and third employees. Thus, the first employee will receive twice as many assigned tasks.
  4. Choose the principle of task distribution. Tasks can be assigned sequentially to all employees on the team, or you can first assign tasks to those employees who have the least number of outstanding tasks.
  5. Click “Save”.

Congratulations! New team created.

Employee Team Management

Where can I see which teams an employee is in?

In the list of employees in the “Teams” field, you can see which teams each employee is in. Also this information is displayed in the employee profile settings.

How to remove an employee from a team or assign him to another team?

There are two ways to do this:

1. In the team management section, you need to go to editing the desired team, click on the cross next to the employee whom you want to remove from the team.

2. In editing an employee profile. The corresponding field displays all the teams to which the employee is assigned. By clicking on the cross in this field, you will remove the employee from the team. If you click on the white field, you will be able to add an employee to the team.

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